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Echos from Our Past

Quixote Kate's Kareem

In retrospect one doe, ANANDA HILL'S SHALLA, made all the difference in our herd and through her descendants - especially QUIXOTE KATE'S KAREEM - in many other herds.

Almost by accident, we acquired her as a dry yearling: having purchased her twin, ANANDA HILL'S SHEILA - L180004803, Shalla came along as a boarder. (This was in the late 1970's when CAE was running rampant and LaManchas were few and far between.) After a few weeks we asked to buy the little blonde sister as she promised to become "something special." And so it all began.....

Sheila's Contribution

Shalla's brunette twin produced two sons of note. The first, QUIXOTE'S ARLO - L000331062, moved to the California North Coast area, siring BRIERTHORNS RAVEN - L000391761 who was to growup to become the LaMancha Grand Champion at the huge 1987 California State Fair-ADGA National Show. Another Arlo daughter, TAN-OAK'S SACHA - L000374686 became the founding lamancha doe of the Lucky Star herd and a production breed leader. Sheila's son,QUIXOTE'S MARLON - L000469033 , sired kids who became supporting players in several early Sierra Foothills herds: Gold Country, Hibb Herd, Timbercove.

Shalla's Legacy

In 1981 Shalla and QUIXOTE'S NAXOS - L000339734 (another Sheila son) had a son, QUIXOTE'S O'RANDY - L000423572 , who sired the Winterwood founding experimental does: CAPRIOLE FARM SARAHS SWEET PEA - E00G553910 and CAPRIOLE FARM CHOC. TRUFFLES - E00G540368 The former's descendants in three generations produced WINTERWOOD'S THE MEDICINE MAN - L000825501 who became a mainstay of the One Oak Hill Tribe.

Then,in 1983, her Spotlight Sale buckling, QUIXOTE'S SHALLA'S ALLADIN - L000524522 , teamed up with LUCKY STAR'S ROSA MARIA - L000434725 to found an extended family of breedleaders and grand champions, including the 1995 Oregon National Show GCH, LUCKY*STAR'S Y CRAZY CRADLE - L000832925 .

(Note: The Kastdemur herd matriarch: KASTDEMUR'S SPRITE - L001032466 is a descendant of Alladin's on her sire's side and an O'Randy and Marlon descendant on her dam's side.)

Shalla's first daughter, QUIXOTE'S COLETTE - L000323976 , a Breed Leader with three milk records over 3,000# and one over 4,000# (like her dam before her) gave birth to six sons whose genes spread across the eastern part of the continent. One, QUIXOTE'S SOLOMON - L000503348 left a number of progeny in Wisconsin making him a distant ancestor of ELM*GLEN TRIBUTE TUMORE' - L000864703 and her many One Oak Hill descendants.

In 1986 another Shalla daughter, QUIXOTE'S SHYLA - L000524523 , gave birth to QUIXOTE SHYLA'S XCELSIOR - L000666268 , who became the premier herdsire of the New York Brookwood herd. His son, BROOKWOOD XCELSIOR CANISIUS - L000874260, (with QUIXOTE'S RAFIK - L000339735 on his dam's side) fathered the 2001 NS GCH, HOGG'S-HIDEAWAY BXC CA ZING - L000963128. Xcelsior's daughter, BROOKWOOD XCELSIOR YOLANDA - L000701867, an attractive regular at national shows, acquired glory as a 2X Canadian National Champion and the first Supreme All-American.

Yet another Shalla daughter, QUIXOTE'S VANESSA - L000572931 surfaces as the dam of QUIXOTE'S MARISSA - L000620077 whose daughter HAMMERICH'S ALEX'S ZEBA - L000744371 grew up to become a much admired La Mancha.

Zeba was crowned 1990 NS Reserve GCH in Pomona, CA and, then, two years later the NS GCH in Amarillo TX. She contributed several influential sons. The first pair- nearly identical black and tans- HAMMERICH'S ZEBAS CHARMER BEAU - L000816626 and litter-mate Bold Charmer L000816627 left genetic traces in the Me's Ranch herd,and the Redwood Hills herd and by extension the South Fork herd. Several others, also benefited especially through artificial insemination, .

Zeba's son, HAMMERICH'S VOYAGER Z DREYFUS - L000867009 became the daddy of our beloved QUIXOTE MELA'S FIDEL - L000928667 and circuitously influenced QUIXOTE JO'S MIRO - L001138542 and litter-mate QUIXOTE JO'S MONET - L001139605 with his genes.

Her last son, HAMMERICH'S ZEBA'S LEXUS - L001100471 sired the Spotlight buckling, BROOKWOOD LEXUS MAREK - L001128981 whose genes have been dispersed through his daughter, WILLOW RUN MAREK VENUS - L001193742. (Lexus and Yolanda gifted the Brookwood herd with another Supreme All-American through their daughter, BROOKWOOD LEXUS NAGANO - L001166033).

Kareem's Story

QUIXOTE KATE'S KAREEM - L001036199 is - to date - arguably, by USDA/ADGA standards, the most convincing, contemporary, La Mancha "improver" buck. Used, mostly, on superior does he was still able to make incremental production and type improvements in the next generation - female and male alike.

A descendant of Shalla offspring: Vanessa and Alladin, he benefited from having ANTARES M. VOYAGER - L000475748 and Barranca relatives. He was 17% inbred -1/3 on his dam: QUIXOTE ANAKATE - L000763265 - one of those rare individuals who could "throw' kids better than herself (although she was an excellent milker.) Her last kid, and only son - Kareem - looked the part he was destined to deliver on. (Sometimes you just have to credit a bit of good luck!) Go to the Lucky Star website to appreciate the extent of his contribution.

Note: I have left off "GCH's", stars etc. to de-clutter this essay, although almost all individuals cited earned those ADGA awards. I have used the USDA-derived 9 digit "registration numbers" to make following up this data a little easier. One should note that the labels "American" and "Purebred" are not consistently applied there, particularly animals which some of us consider "Basic". We have linked most goat names into ADGA's genetic site, the contribution of Gene Derschewitz, for those seeking more specificity.

Barbara Backus

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