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Barbara has been interested in the history of the breed even before we purchased our first LaMancha doe. The following is an attempt to organize and communicate what she has learned to other breeders.

This is my version of the story of the development of the American LaMancha. I have attempted to bring together informative scraps about the "prehistory" of the breed and its possible origins. I will also be emphasizing the breeders, and highlighting the does and bucks, their credentials, and their legacies.

Since I am, with my husband, an active breeder of LaManchas here in Northern California my information bank is understandably biased. We do not travel widely, however I have collected articles, written a few, and have saved breeders' advertisments from the national magazines for three decades. (My sales catalogue collection is now looking quaintly archival compared to the wonderful stuff we can access on the web.)

I felt it was important to future breeders of LaManchas to pull together as much of this public and private communication as possible before the words and pictures have faded any further.

Perhaps I am not going to provide you with any information you don't already have and some of you will object to my interpretations. I apologize in advance to anyone who feels they were slighted or misrepresented. Any prejudice or lack of knowledge on my part is only human but sincerely unintended.


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